Vertex supplies a diversified array of knits with and without spandex. Jerseys, Ribs, Thermals, French Terry's, Fleeces, Ponte de Romas, Piques, Meshes and Jacquards. Each fabrications can be made as a solid or as a stripe. All locally produced in Los Angeles.


    Vertex has the capability to utilize different types of knitting machines, from coarse gauged machines that produce sweater fabric to fine gauged machines that produce thin tissue fabric. We are able to knit all of our fabrications with or with out spandex. We specialize in stripes, both pieced dyed as well as yarn dyed.


    Vertex has access to the best textile Flatbed and Rotary screen printers in America. We have extensive experience printing on a variety of knit fabrics as well as woven fabrics. Vertex is able to offer our customers an array of different printing techniques, such as wet printing, pigment printing, burn out, foil, flocking as well as a combination of these techniques.

Super Soft Fabrics


    Super Soft Fabrics is our line of ultra soft to the touch fabrics. We achieve this luxurious and supple feel by using only the softest of fibers spun into finest yarns. With our expertise in knit fabric production, we utilize our skills to produce only top quality fabrics.


Eco Fabrics


    Eco-Fabrics is our green, earth friendly line of fabrics. We use only "green" sustainable yarns to produce these fabrics. Throughout our production cycle we actively choose the most efficient and environmentally conscious way to manufacture the fabric.


Performance Fabrics


    Performance Fabrics is our sportswear line of fabrics, that are focused on enhancing the end users performance and experience during any sports activity. We manufacture our fabrics using a combination of yarns, knitting, dyeing and finishing techniques that results in a product specific for the sportswear industry.